Rebranding, Digital Design, and Website Development to transform the internationally renowned AI startup workist into a digital benchmark.

Humanizing a brand rooted in AI & Technology.

Workist approached us with the goal to grow their brand into a recognizable and respected force in AI. Workist's product and its mascot WorkI help companies of all sizes and industries turn repetitive document processing into a more meaningful and efficient task using the power of AI. For us it became clear that the grown up workist brand needed to be about humans and AI coming together to create better results. The brand needed to be distinctively human, beautifully crafted and with a personal twist to preserve trust. Time was of the essence and just like their product, we wasted no time. We created a state-of-the-art identity and a nimble website to help along with their quest to turn the industry around.

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A buddy to approach.

WorKi already existed but we made her/him cute, fun, approachable, opinionated. WorKi plays a big role in the branding ecosystem now - and what a difference she/he makes.

Passion for the problem, passion for the team.

The identity, throughout the website and other touchpoints, shows a love for the core problem workist solves and the customer that need it.

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