&why Agency München/Munich Berlin

Right from the start, things were quite unconventional here: a passionate and free-thinking group with the desire to turn visions into reality, never afraid to start new ideas or push the limits of technology. Why? Because we felt the overriding purpose to leave things better than we found them.

10 years later we have learned from deadly deadlines, unclear goals and wild office parties. As technology and culture have progressed our orientation and recently also our name have changed. And why, you may ask?

Cause we had an epiphany along the way. We realized that it takes more than technological expertise to create experiences with that special something. If we want to achieve real impact, we have to ask tough questions, dig deep and understand the core of our clients business’, their purpose and vision. You could say we have to ask “Why” a whole lot and look at complex challenges from all corners, from business to creativity to technology. Only on this foundation, we can create meaningful connections between humans worldwide while building a strong and sustainable brand.

Beyond that, we also noticed we were growing out of our old clothes and our old home. Recently we can be found in a beautiful old auction house right in the center of Munich (.. with an underground club Berlin would be jealous of!). And over the last decade, our team has grown from 6 to 40 strong personalities with unique interests spread across three countries. So, you might say we've grown up. And we still are, growing in a rapid way.

Hence it felt thrilling and right to open a new chapter. We developed a new strategy and design to accompany the vision and embrace the things we are: Critical questioners, strategic thinkers and strong personalities with a deep passion for digital solutions. As we continue to grow, we’re excited our new brand represents not only who we are now, but who we want to become in the future. And it defines how we will shape that future - by always digging deeper and asking the hard questions.

That’s why, from today, we’re &why.