Brand Strategy and Rebranding of GoLeasy to uniquely position the start-up in the leasing and comparison portal market and increase the perception of their USP.

“Check24” of leasing.

GoLeasy came to us to give their brand a breath of fresh air. We put a lot of focus on the workshop phase, in which we explored how they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and best position their USP. GoLeasy compares the leasing offers of all platforms, compiles them and shows you the best price for a vehicle. Like a Check24 in the leasing market. The new design puts them on the side of the user, always acting as a buddy in the leasing realm. Their verbal identity is elegant, trustworthy, clear and a little odd - in a likeable way. Like a good friend.


At the heart of the brand, it’s clear they’re there for the users. They advocate for them, they find the best offer for a car they love, need or deserve. In short: they solve a real problem.


Social Media

On social media, we want to create a shared reality, relatable moments and references with the users. While doing that, we are not afraid to show a bit of personality – be fun and bold to stay memorable.

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