Rebranding, Digital Design, and Website Development for the international architecture and engineering firm DELTA Group.

Elegant Minimalistic Human

DELTA Group approached us to streamline their brand design, craft a stunning visual design, and develop their new website.

Brand design

Human-Centered Branding

The brand design thrives on reduction, creates a friendly touch through illustrative metaphors, and reflects calmness. Regionality and internationality were combined in a unique way, while always focusing on people and sustainability.

DELTA creates buildings that serve people.

Illustration and Animation

The brand is brought to life through smooth animations and fine illustrations.

Office Berlin

&why GmbH
K├Ârtestr. 2
10967 Berlin
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Office Munich

&why GmbH
Nymphenburgerstr. 115
80636 Munich
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We are 100% climate neutral.